Muskegon, Michigan, June 9, 2016 – SAF-HOLLAND, a leading global manufacturer of trailer suspension and axle systems, truck suspensions, fifth wheels, landing gear, and coupling products,
is pleased to introduce its new P89TM Air Disc Brake Series. Designed with the commercial fleet in mind, P89 air disc brakes provide superior braking performance, extended service intervals, and ease of maintenance.

The P89 Series is comprised of two models: the New P89TM and P89 PlusTM. The New P89, the base model is a versatile design that can be highly customized to suit specific fleet demands at a
significantly lower price point than previous generation air disc brake systems. “SAF-HOLLAND has leveraged their global supplier network to create economies of scale that drive down the cost
of technology. We are able to pass this cost savings to our North American fleet customers and for the first time put air disc brake technology within reach of fleets large and small,” said Jeff Talaga,
Vice President of Sales & Strategic Development, Americas, SAF HOLLAND, Inc. The P89 Plus is a premium package that includes a 7-year maintenance-free bearing system and premium rotors to provide a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership. New P89.

At the heart of the New P89 air disc brake is the proven SAF SBS 2220 caliper and 430mm diameter heavy duty vented rotor. The dual piston SBS 2220 caliper applies a more even pressure
pattern across the brake lining than competitive single piston designs. The 430mm diameter x 45mm thick rotor provides 30% more wear volume than competitive designs.

The New P89 comes standard with a robust 3.5-inch diameter parallel spindle or an optional lightweight taper spindle configuration, which reduces weight by 10 pounds per axle, and uses industry standard bearings and wheel seals to reduce maintenance costs. Backed by a 5-Year Warranty, the New P89 sets a new industry standard for value.

P89 Plus

The P89 Plus comes standard with a 7-year maintenance-free bearing system that uses large 89mm front and rear bearings, which are individually sealed and lubricated with high temperature long life grease. Traditional wheel seals, which are a common source of pre-mature wheel end failure, are completely eliminated. Precision bearing spacers are installed between the inner and
outer bearings to precisely control bearing pre-load for maximum life. Extensive product testing has shown the P89 Plus bearing system provides four times better bearing life. A unique bi-metallic design of the SAF INTEGRAL® rotor allows the rotor to expand and contract a radial direction, which keeps the braking surface flat and eliminates the umbrella effect. Backed by an industry leading 7-Year Warranty, the P89 Plus provides the ultimate in braking performance and ease of maintenance for a low total cost of ownership.