Lower Control Assembly

The integrated one-piece design of the lower module provides lower weight, and most importantly, increased roll stability. The integrated lower module permits optimized disc and drum brake compatibility by creating clearance for 3636 spring brake chambers with no special rods or components required.

V-Rod Upper Control Arms

The ADZ's simplified, lighter weight V-Rod design replaces the traditional track bar and torque rod and provides enhanced durability and reliability. The V-Rod is centrally mounted between the axle and the cross member and designed to distribute load forces equally through the crossmember/frame rails and the axle bracket.


'Non-welded' axle alignment to prevent premature tire wear by simply rotating the pivot collar for fast and easy axle realignment.

Bolted or Welded Axle Adapters

Optional bolted or welded style axle adapters with bar pin bushing connection. Includes integrated lower shock absorber bracket for easy service access.

Non-Torque Reactive Parallelogram Design

Reduces driveline noise and vibration by maintaining a more constant driveline working angle during high torque axle articulation. The parallelogram design also minimizes pinion angle change caused by high torque conditions that exceed maximum recommended driveline working angles, including acceleration with heavy loads or climbing steep grades. The ADZ parallelogram design also provides improved braking response.

Simplified Pinion Angle Setting

V-Rod design provides a simplified pinion angle setting method to meet the need of any OEM vehicle application. The crossmember provides major and minor adjustments, including refined incremental adjustments of 1/2 degree by using additional shims. See our sales brochure for more information on pinion angle settings.

Pivot and Axle Connection Bushings

Four inch pivot and axle connection bushings are long-life premium rubber and are permanently bonded to solid steel cores for increased resistance to walk-out. Axle connection bushing utilizes smaller bar-pin axle connection and narrow trailing arm for additional weight reduction and improved durability.

Sachs Shocks Heavy-Duty Shock Absorbers

Feature increased durability and service life over competitive shock brands. Designed with high pull-apart strength to function as the axle down-stop during severe rebound (extension). Precision tuned for optimum damping in severe-duty operations.