SAF-HOLLAND Polska sp. z o.o. oświadcza, że na podstawie art. 4c ustawy z dnia 8 marca 2013r o przeciw działaniu nadmiernym opóźnieniom w transakcjach handlowych (tj. Dz. U. 2019 poz. 118 z późn. zm.) w brzmieniu nadanym ustawą z dnia 19 lipca 2019r o zmianie niektórych ustaw w celu ograniczenia zatorów płatniczych (Dz. U. 2019, poz. 1649) posiada status dużego przedsiębiorcy w rozumieniu przedmiotowej ustawy.

SAF-HOLLAND Polska sp. z o.o. declares, that pursuant to Art. 4c of the Act of March 8, 2013 on the prevention of excessive delays in commercial transactions (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2019, item 118, as amended) as amended by the Act of July 19, 2019 on amending certain acts to reduce payment gridlocks (Journal of Laws 2019, item 1649) has the status of a large entrepreneur within the meaning of the Act.


Since the founding in 1992 of Jinan SAF Axle Co., Ltd as a branch of SAF in Germany, SAF-HOLLAND has made an excellent name for ourselves with the domestic manufacturers of commercial vehicles, in no small part due to our particular know-how, innovative products, and perfect systems solutions.

In 2006 SAF and HOLLAND, the two historical companies joined forces as SAF-HOLLAND, a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of quality engineered components, systems and services to the commercial vehicle industry.

It is our pleasure to completely redesign our product and service palette, allowing us to intensify our activities in China and neighboring Asia Pacific markets.

Apart from axle and suspension systems for trailers and semi-trailers, SAF-HOLLAND China now also delivers kingpins, landing gear and fifth wheels, as well as truck and bus suspension systems - high quality components and perfect systems solutions for vehicle manufacturers and their customers, the transport companies. With several manufacturing sites in China, and sales office in Shanghai, we are staffed to organize technical support, distribution activities, coordinate spare parts logistics and ensure fast and reliable service for our customers.