SAF-HOLLAND Polska sp. z o.o. oświadcza, że na podstawie art. 4c ustawy z dnia 8 marca 2013r o przeciw działaniu nadmiernym opóźnieniom w transakcjach handlowych (tj. Dz. U. 2019 poz. 118 z późn. zm.) w brzmieniu nadanym ustawą z dnia 19 lipca 2019r o zmianie niektórych ustaw w celu ograniczenia zatorów płatniczych (Dz. U. 2019, poz. 1649) posiada status dużego przedsiębiorcy w rozumieniu przedmiotowej ustawy.

SAF-HOLLAND Polska sp. z o.o. declares, that pursuant to Art. 4c of the Act of March 8, 2013 on the prevention of excessive delays in commercial transactions (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2019, item 118, as amended) as amended by the Act of July 19, 2019 on amending certain acts to reduce payment gridlocks (Journal of Laws 2019, item 1649) has the status of a large entrepreneur within the meaning of the Act.


SAF Hering-Rad was established in Uherské Hradiště by the signing of a partnership agreement on 13 November 1995. The name SAF Hering-Rad was later changed to SAF Trade and then after the merger of SAF in Germany with Holland in the USA, it was changed to its current name of SAF-HOLLAND Czechia spol s r.o.

The company first had only one supplier, its parent company SAF, and its task was to provide a service network and to sell axles and suspension systems for trailers and semi-trailers. Because manufacturers of trailers and semi-trailers need not only axles, but also other building units, our company decided to expand its portfolio and to also offer to its customers the complete part sets needed to manufacture trailer vehicles. For end users of aftermarket products, in addition to replacement parts we also carry accessories and other additional products, which are not part of our company’s core program, but which provide our customers with a more complete range of products under one roof. After the merger of SAF and HOLLAND, our portfolio was expanded to include axle and suspension systems for trailers and semi-trailers, kingpins and landing gear and fifth wheels for trucks. A great advantage of SAF-HOLLAND Czechia is its direct access to information from manufacturers. SAF-HOLLAND is able to deliver any replacement part for the products included in its portfolio, known on the market under the brand names SAF, HOLLAND and GF. We supply high-quality original parts with quality and durability guarantee.

During its business activity SAF-HOLLAND Czechia has gained a large number of satisfied customers and an excellent reputation as a competent and reliable supplier in the area of both original and aftermarket equipment. This is understandable. The goal of all our employees is to care for all our customers – even the smallest ones – as well as possible. At the same time, we are not only trying to earn money, but we are proud to have satisfied customers. We started off in humble conditions, with a small office and warehouse, although we knew that as the subsidiary of a major international manufacturer our company would have to grow. With time we expanded our portfolio, adding new components and we built a strong foundation for our team. Our company moved into a new, much larger, facility that better serves the needs of today’s logistic processes. Our services include direct customer deliveries and 24-hour service.

You can find our offices and warehouse in Uherské Hradiště. From here we organise all our activities, supply replacement parts and organise training for professional SAF-HOLLAND service personnel, and professional advising for our customers.