SAF-HOLLAND customers can always rely on on our first-class products and superior service. Now your loyalty pays off. Become an SAF-HOLLAND FLEET CONNECT-member and start collecting FLEET BONUS-points.

Every SAF-HOLLAND product that you buy and register online by entering the registration number or scanning the QR code on the nameplate of your product, earns credits to your SAF-HOLLAND FLEET CONNECT account. You can redeem your points for attractive incentives.

Easy steps to connect yourself with SAF-HOLLAND FLEET CONNECT
1. Register as a member
Register your company online at
2. Register your products
Once you are a registered member you can start registering* your new SAF-HOLLAND products by either:
  1. Entering the serial number of the product or
  2. Scanning the QR-code via our SAF-HOLLAND app.
3. Collect FLEET BONUS points
As a registered FLEET CONNECT member you can check your membership account anytime online. With each purchase and registration of SAF-HOLLAND products you earn more FLEET BONUS points.
4. Redeem your credits
Redeem your FLEET BONUS points for attractive rewards or services e.g.
  • Spare parts kits
  • Emergency kits
  • Trainings
  • Service vouchers
  • Special tools
  • Merchandise articles

Register as a member now!

If you already are an SAF-HOLLAND FLEET CONNECT member and received your log-in credentials you can go directly to your account. Log in to your SAF-HOLLAND FLEET CONNECT account

*Registration of products available from 01.01.2015


SAF-HOLLAND Fleet Connect Customer Service