We familiarize you with:
All assemblies/units, all axles, fifth wheels and the SAF INTEGRAL technology.
Working with the SAF-HOLLAND website and service literature.
Overview of the spare parts, assignment to the corresponding axle types.
Possibilities of service and repair along with guarantee processing.
Introduction to trailer disc brakes.
Carrying out active group work on models and their evaluation.
Error analysis and error rectification in special applications.
Practical decision guidance: which brake is required for a specific application?
Mechanical and Air Suspension Systems
Recognition of system associated correlations

This course is particularly suitable for:
Executives, employees and mechanics in repair shops and customer service.
The course is limited to about twenty participants.

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We familiarize you with:
Refreshing your knowledge from the basic training
Matching spare parts for the product
Recommendations for storekeeping of various product groups.
New products - market launch and spare parts demand
Training focus: Active group work with models.

This course is particularly suitable for:
Executives and employees in the field of parts dealership with working knowledge of the topics.
(Basic Training recommended)

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Jose Antonio Belisario

Training Coordinator