Surface coating

· The vehicle manufacturer does not need to coat
· SAF Ball races are supplied with static liquid coating
· Colour RAL 9005

BR-W: Low Maintenance

The low maintenance ball race series BR-W enjoy a low maintenance life cycle of up to 3 years or 300.000 km after start of operation under normal operating conditions and when used on paved roads, as are usual in Western Europe. After that period they are to be serviced in the same way as standard ball races BR-S.

Protection against dirt by rubber sealing lip.

CentroLube lubrication unit

CentroLube is a new central lubrication unit for ball races that has been developed by SAF-HOLLAND.

The advantage of this central lubricating system is that all lubrication points around the ball race can be lubricated from one lubrication point. The lubricant distributor developed by SAF-HOLLAND guarantees even distribution of the lubricant and consistently good performance.

These central lubricating units can be fitted retrospectively to the ball races you already have in just a few steps. Beyond this, CentroLube can also be connected to the central lubricating system of the vehicle, which makes the lubrication process of the ball race even simpler.