TRILEX® wheels offer features that will reduce your expenses mile after mile.

· Optimum design of wheelspider and rim saves weight and thus increases payload
· Better cooling prolongs the useful life of tyres and Brakes
· Lower tightening torque of bolts eases wheel Change
· Risk-free tyre change due to 3-piece TRILEX® rim
· Robust design ensures highest safety with additional loads
· Precision machining of wheelspider improves rolling characteristics

Simple mounting principle - Easy and riskless wheel change by hand

Fastened using clamps and TRILEX® bolt

The segmented rim is fitted on the TRILEX® wheel with precise rolling characteristics and an accurate stopper. Easy and safe wheel change is possible on the road with simple tools.

TRILEX® spare parts and accessories - Used all over the world

With the article order no. you can find out whether spare parts are available for your TRILEX® wheel system.

Spare parts are available for current and former series models for which spare part availability has a 10-year warranty.

No spare part availability is legally required for older phased-out models, however spare parts can be obtained as long as the stock lasts.

Our friendly sales team will be glad to give you more information.